roof installation in Richmond, VA

Find Roof Replacements in Richmond, VA

Virginia Home Improvements Inc. will install new shingles

Your home's roof protects everything inside. When you notice dents, damage or leaks, it needs professional attention. Virginia Home Improvements Inc. handles roof replacements in the Richmond, VA area.

We're focused on shingle roof installations for existing homes and new construction. Contact Virginia Home Improvements Inc. today for roof installations in Richmond, VA and the surrounding area.

5 signs you need a roof replacement

A new roof will last for decades when properly installed. There are many noticeable signs you should replace your roof, including:

  1. Missing shingles
  2. Curling or buckling shingles
  3. Interior walls that are stained from water
  4. Shingle granules in your gutters
  5. Visible weather or hail damage

The right shingle will enhance the appearance of your entire home. Call 804-356-9793 today to get a free estimate on roof replacements in Richmond, VA.